I want to inform about Is my nation banned or open?

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I want to inform about Is my nation banned or open?

See whether your nation is categorized as ‘open’ or ‘banned’. Record and maps depend on the present wide range of infected individuals as they are updated regular by the SSI (Statens Serum Institut).

Individuals Denmark that is entering fall one of many three following categories:

Border areas

Persons resident in Scania, Halland, Blekinge, Schleswig-Holstein or Norway can enter Denmark irrespective associated with function of their entry in the event that area satisfies the requirements to be classified as available.

Open countries

Individuals resident in country classified as ‘open’ (yellow) can enter Denmark, irrespective of the reason.

Banned nations

Countries (other than EU Member States, Schengen countries and also the great britain) are by definition ‘banned’ nations (orange). 3rd countries exempted using this ban are the following under ‘Other available nations’. Individuals resident in a country/province categorized as banned can enter Denmark whether they have a worthy function.

Applicable until Friday 11 September 2020 23.59

If for example the nation is marked in yellowish in the map, its available:

Note the category of little (or geographically tiny) nations which do not appear through the map and modifications through the no 36, 2020 week

The Vatican City and Cyprus are thought available nations. San Marino, Malta, Monaco and Andorra are thought prohibited nations.

Complete range of all available nations and all prohibited nations in the eu, the Schengen area as well as the uk (in Danish)

Other countries that are open

Australia Canada Georgia Japan Brand Brand New Zealand Southern Korea Thailand Tunisia Uruguay

Hotlines towards the authorities

Foreigners showing up in Denmark is going to be refused entry into Denmark after all internal and outside boundaries unless they conform to the entry demands.

If you fail to find a response to your concern on the internet site, you are able to call the devoted hotline for the Danish police to have a remedy to your concern about worthy purposes of entry into to or transportation through Denmark.

Hotline hours: Weekdays from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm

You simply cannot deliver email messages towards the authorities about worthy purposes of entry.

Phone the people provider Centre associated with Ministry of Foreign Affairs for questions regarding travelling abroad

The people provider Centre associated with Ministry of Foreign Affairs just answers questions regarding travelling abroad, travel instructions or you are stranded abroad.

The help that is global associated with Ministry of Foreign Affairs could be contacted 24/7 for questions regarding travelling abroad:

Take note that the people provider Centre associated with Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot answer any questions regarding entry into or transit through Denmark, nor about worthy purposes. Such questions could be addressed regarding the arrivals hotline for the Danish Police.

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